Withdrawing a Title from Amazon Kindle and Create Space

Although I’ve always been an excellent editor, and even as an avid reader find myself noting errors in award-winning books, I’ve withdrawn The Tune of Murder from both Kindle and Create Space—because of errors. Somehow, an early version was uploaded. Then, when readers advised me and I removed it and corrected it, I missed errors. I corrected it again, only to have a dear friend spot more. There’s no point in attempting to polish it now. Any lustre it once had for me is gone, and I can’t look at it or even think of it without a shudder—a mild one, but still, a displeasure. So my venture into print-on-demand publishing has been educational. I should edit others’ work and hire good professionals to edit mine. Unfortunately, Amazon informs me that as long as any market wants to offer one of the used books for sale, Amazon will list it. I divorce myself from the sales and apologize to buyers. I could buy up the copies. Worth a try.