About Me

B.A.L. McMillan is a Missouri writer whose hometown area included Gravel Hill, Delta, and Cape Girardeau, a Mississippi River town. She had a rural upbringing, but, a voracious reader, traveled through imagination. Since her childhood was peopled with storytellers, she’s fond of local mysteries and beliefs. An adherent of traditional values, she wants good to triumph in her works and through them to encourage love of our fellow man, and forgiveness of others and of self. But she also wants to tell a good story. Her primary characters at the moment are Galway Evans, a gangly fellow who left law practice to work as a handyman, and Letitia Dunbar, Galway’s neighbor, an elderly sharp-witted woman who loves mysteries.  B.A.L. thinks of her characters as close friends and tunes in on what they’re doing. When it’s leading to a story, she tags along and writes it up. She also writes of witches and angels and strange occurences.  In those pieces, she often scares herself.

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