Galway Evans and Letitia Dunbar Mysteries  Print and Kindle

Strains of Long Ago, a novelette (60 pages), features Galway Evans and Letitia Dunbar in another Missouri mystery.  They share insight, love of life, music, creatures, people, and all good things. Available at Amazon and through major book stores.

The Tune of Murder. A cozy of sorts. A Galway Evans, Letitia Dunbar mystery. Second in their relationship. Amazon for print or Kindle book (edited version!)


Other mysteries—e books

“A Beautiful Nature.” A short story. A wicked boy tries to kill a bird and inadvertently saves a man from going back to prison. At Lulu , iBooks,  Nook, and Kobo.

“The Making of a Witch.” A short story, part of a longer work, about the final choice a young girl makes between saving a lover or being able to accept his love. Notes From the Underground. Literary Lab, 2010.

That Other World. A collection (64 pages) of short fantasies–seducing a vampire, beating the devil at his own game, buying a spell from a witch, living on.  Available ebook at Amazon  LuluBarnes & Noble, Kobo, and other ebook sources.

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