Brave Cat Tara, Hoorah for You!

A family’s cat attacked a vicious dog that had snatched her boy owner off a tricycle and was dragging and chasing him. A video camera (surveillance?) captured the entire attack: The cat tackles the dog, then chases him off the property and returns to the boy. Brave creatures are all around us!


The Tune of Murder

tunelgimgThe Tune of Murder is now a Kindle book, only a chapter heading gone awry.

Introducing Letitia Dunbar and Galway Evans

Loving welcome to Letitia Dunbar and Galway Evans, dear, sly sleuths in their first full mystery: The Tune of Murder. A Kindle book by early morning! One hopes.

Thanks to Kindle Dave L.

Many thanks to Kindle helper Dave L. for a quick response to a problem. After a few hours of editing for overlooked errors–a missed tab instead of paragraph format, too many commas (love them!), or too many exclamation points (love them, too!), wordiness, head hopping, or sentiment–I clicked save and publish.


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