Eclipse Shadows

Here are a few photos of leaf shadows during the eclipse August 21, 2017.

The first time I experienced an eclipse (??when was that??), I stepped outdoors and saw multiple shadows like these.  I was frightened, but not for long. They don’t look like leaves but how could they be  shadows of the eclipse itself? the sun and moon crossing paths?  However they occurred, the result is magical, and if you’re not alone and surprised by it, it’s very pleasant. The world is muted and softer, as if it’s sleeping a moment or as if I could sleep on the shadows, a billowy sleep.


How Tiny Can Mammals Be?

This bumblebee bat may not be the smallest bat in existence on this planet, but only the smallest we’ve found.

Bumblebee Bat, Photo by Green Renaissance (Facebook)
Bumblebee Bat, Photo by Green Renaissance (Facebook)